Episode 96: Trusting Your Body, Recovering From Fatigue, And Finding Strength Through Community, With Alisha Rose Kruger

Even being in Alisha Rose Kruger’s presence makes me feel more trusting of myself and my body. There’s something about her determined way in which she acknowledges the power of our womb, yet delivers it with such joy and ease that makes me want to just know more and more and more! As a menstrual cycle guide, feminine embodiment coach and Holistic Pelvic Care™ practitioner, she guides women into sacred relationship with their menstrual cycles, womb wisdom and intuition so they can embody and express their most radiant, sovereign selves.

In this episode we covered the full remit of things we often forget to talk about when it comes to wellbeing—from how to curate a community of support around you, to asking for help and the emotional strain of busyness. Feeling exhausted? Lacking clarity? Feeling lost? This episode will connect you back to your inner spark and give you the tools to come alive again.

Here’s just some of what we dived into:

  • What a fully body ‘yes’ is and how to pay attention to yours
  • What ‘womb wisdom’ really means
  • Trusting our bodies and how that can build your confidence and strength
  • How Alisha has recovered from things like adrenal fatigue and a brain injury
  • How to apply “post-partum care” thinking to our entire lives

Alisha’s wisdom and signature program, Sacred Cycles, is all about alignment to our inner wisdom and menstrual cycles so we can experience more energy, creativity and joy.

Links and resources mentioned:

To connect with Alisha and find out more about her work go to her website or say hi on Instagram.

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